Master Invisible 2K Lacquer

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Wood floor lacquer with a neutral look

  • Gives the floor an untreated appearanceĀ and feel
  • Leaves the floor with a matt look
  • Does not contain isocyanates
  • IBR-certified
  • Colour; Mat
  • Size: 5 ltr

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Master Invisible 2K Lacquer is a high-quality water-based ultra-matt floor lacquer that has been specially developed as a lacquer when a light, untreated appearance is desired. The lacquer is based on a polyurethane binding agent, which will leave the surface with a texture resembling newly-sanded wood. The add-in hardening agent is an isocyanate-free hardener. The floor lacquer is indoor climate labelled and thus assures a good working environment during application, as well as a comfortable indoor climate afterwards


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