Panel White Paint

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WOCA Panel White Paint

  • Preserves the natural structure of the wood
  • Delays discolourating of resin and protects against ‘popping’ of the knots
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 2.5 ltr
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WOCA Panel White Paint is a special full-matt paint for yellowed and discoloured woodwork, grooved T&G boards,ceiling and wall panels from oak and other wood species including pine. The product is also suitable for skirting’s and architraves and other woodwork that does not require a hard-wearing surface. Panel White Paint is for untreated or reviously lacquered surfaces and gives the wood an ultra-matt soft appearance. Panel White Paint prevents yellowing of new woodwork and reduces the occurrence for a natural defect or knot to bleed through to the surface. One of the other main benefits is the natural appearance of the wood and grain structure is still visible through the white paint treatment. After first application, nicotine and colouring agents from the wood might bleed through and therefore Panel White Paint MUST be applied twice in order to obtain the desired covering effect.


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